home remodelFinally, after a few months of waiting your home remodel is complete. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to pop open that champagne just yet. There are still a few things that you should do after the build has been completed. Here are some of the things you should accomplish after completing your home improvement project:

Always make a checklist of the things to do after your home remodel

  1. Do a final walkthrough – after you think the build is fully complete, do a final walkthrough. Do a visual inspection of the place and see if everything is where it should be and if it looks the way it should. Doing so will allow you to make any changes before you pay the final bill to the contractor. This should always be the first thing that you do after completing a home improvement project.
  1. Prepare yourself for cleaning – if cleaning wasn’t part of the deal you and the contractor made, brace yourself for some cleaning. Post-construction cleaning is going to be a tough one. There will be dust, dirt, and a lot of stuff lying around. If the builders you hired had been tidy, you’re lucky. However, cleaning will be your responsibility if you haven’t agreed on any cleaning with your contractor. Then again, you could always hire a company that specializes in the post-construction cleanup.
  1. Get ready for touchups – not all builds end up with a beautiful interior and exterior. Sometimes a build could end up scratching the paint on your walls or leaving some unsightly dings. However, it’s nothing a fresh coat of paint or some minor touchups wouldn’t fix.
  1. Create a list for maintenance – after your build has been done, you shouldn’t drop everything and think that the last thing you’re going to do is just sit back and relax. You should think ahead at all times. With that being said, create a maintenance checklist to be able to preserve the state of your build for a longer duration. After the Myrtle Beach home improvement project, everything must be accounted for. Of course, this includes any maintenance that must be scheduled.

When hiring a contractor for your home renovation, be sure to discuss everything. Every single detail must be opened up to make sure that everything goes well. This also includes the cleaning bit. Some builders would include the cleaning in their services and some others don’t. It would be a good thing to include the cleaning in the agreement. It would seem like an easy task at first but cleaning after a build can be tough. You’d be moving a lot of debris and you would have to deal with a lot of dust. These things may seem trivial when everything is still on paper but it will quickly turn sour when it’s your turn to clean up. Be sure that you decide early on who is going to do the cleaning to make sure that you don’t have to deal with any problems after the build.

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