Whether they’re tiny or supersized, all restrooms have the tendency to have something similar– a scarcity of storage space. Possibly the issue is that we tend to put all things we desire around in the toilet- like soap, hair shampoo, as well as individual treatment items, bathroom bed linens, cleaning materials, rubber ducks, and the list continues. There are many washroom storage space options, however, you should take advantage of the space you have for a successful bathroom remodel.

Your Bathroom Remodeling Guide To Maximizing Storage Space


Washroom vanities are great space for multitasking as they can be used to house a sink, store toiletries and most importantly, cabinets. Maximize your vanity storage area by stowing away washroom fundamentals nicely in stackable clear plastic containers, with most-used products on top of the stack.

Here are a few simple reminders for you:

  • Do not keep medicine, cleaning products, and other possibly unsafe items in the lower component of your vanity. It is advised to store them securely up high, well out of reach of young kids.
  • Take care that your storage space containers do not mess up PVC pipelines or you may have a significant pipe leakage on your hands.
  • Shield the flooring of restroom vanities with water-resistant rack linings or stick-on plastic ceramic tiles. This will certainly streamline cleaning up any type of spills.
  • If you are planning for a professional bathroom remodel that includes dual sinks, understand that the added piping will lessen the available storage area.

Restroom Closets

Confined over sink medicine cabinets are out, 21st-century medication cupboards are taller, bigger, and deeper. Some are commonly recessed right into the wall surface to provide you, even more, space for restroom basics. To maximize the storage space opportunities in your reduced restroom cupboards you can add pullout storage functions or fully extendable cabinets and racks.

Above the Toilet Storage

That empty wall surface over your toilet has the tendency to be an underused spot of shower room area. Nonetheless, if you are really planning to conserve room and still want to get organized, there is a straightforward option- over the toilet storage space. Generally constructed from wood or steel, over bathroom storage space could be matched to your washroom closets or equipment.


Lots of modern bathroom remodel layouts suit a washing machine and clothes dryer along with the common pipes components. The typical setup has the tendency to be a high pile, which absolutely offers to liberate flooring room. Yet take into consideration whether a side-by-side design could, in fact, function far better for you. Here, you will have the ability to raise available storage space by including washroom racks at a comfortable elevation as well as probably a location for folding and also piling just-washed washing precisely top of the devices. Include a fashionable bed linen tower to hold your tidy towels and also bathroom sheets.

You can have enough bathroom storage space if you know how to maximize your area. For more ideas on bathroom remodeling, you can always trust Home Remodel Experts.

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