home remodelOne of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime is home and that’s why it’s only natural for you to find the most effective ways to protect it from man-made and natural disasters. With a near normal hurricane season that’s to be expected this year, you need to know how you to best protect your house from hurricane damage. Listed below are some basic home remodel tips that will improve your home’s chances of surviving the storm.

But before anything else, you should remember that your own safety is far more important than protecting your home so don’t stay behind if you’ve been instructed to evacuate already. These home remodel Myrtle Beach guidelines should help in preparing your home for the coming rainy days.

Review Your Home Insurance

You need to make sure that your insurance policy covers the entire cost of rebuilding your home in case it incurs major damage during the storm. Many people insure your home according to its value. However, the rebuilding cost is more. Building costs are always increasing and that’s why your insurance should be enough to help you rebuild, if it’s necessary.

Consider Flood Insurance

A lot of homeowner insurance coverage only include damage during the storm but not the floods that usually follow the storm. Many homes have been destroyed by flooding and unfortunately, they did not have any insurance for that. So, you should consider flood insurance.

Take An Inventory of Your Residential Property

Check your house and create an inventory of all your possessions. Do this every year. This will tell you what you need to replace and their respective cost.

Secure Your Roof

It all begins with the roof. It is the largest possible opening on your home. Not to mention, water and wind can do a lot of terrible things in case they get through your roof. You should inspect your roof covering to make sure that all of the tiles or the shingles are secured and that none are missing or cracked. In case you are replacing your roof, consider investing more to seal the deck of the roof. This may include adding waterproof tape over the seams of the roof or covering everything in a membrane that will seal the water out.

Add Roof Straps

In some states, roofing contractors need to attach the roof of a home to the walls using a metal strap. In other places, roofs are generally held on the home by gravity. If you can get to your roof through an attic, you can have the metal roof straps installed for a few hundred dollars.

Secure Carports and Porches

If you have a carport or a porch, make sure that the posts supporting them are anchored firmly to the ground.

Seal all Windows and Doors

Inspect the seals around the windows and doors. Seals can be damaged as time goes by and you need to have this fixed before hurricane season comes.

Clear Your Lawn

Don’t leave things lying around in your lawn because they’ll be like missiles when the storm comes. Any item whether big or small like your lawn furniture, grill, garden gnomes, can be picked up the strong storms. So be sure that they are secured to the ground or stored indoors.

Reinforce Your Garage Door

Garage door may blow in and in case there is an attic on top of that, they could also blow up and tear your home apart. You should strengthen your garage door through the installation of a vertical garage door brace. Don’t forget to reinforce it with a horizontal wooden beam.

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