home remodelingSo you have repair jobs piling up in your home. You need to replace your toilet, retile the floor, and repaint your home’s interior and exterior, to name a few. Rather than hiring different contractors like a home remodeling contractor and plumbing contractor, have you thought about working with a single handyman company that has a good reputation when it comes to dealing with these kinds of tasks? Although this is a good option, you still need to know when you should hire a contractor and when to choose a handyman.

How Is A Handyman different from a contractor?

Although you may be able to find a handyman who can handle all these things, you still have to know that there are certain projects that he is not licensed to carry out. For instance, specialized trades like electrical jobs or plumbing work, need licensing, therefore, you have to check with the licensing agency in your area and find out if the handyman is licensed to do this task, in case your project needs one.

In case the handyman is not licensed, you should hire a specialized contractor who has the required license. If you do not, you can be held financially liable in case there are any damages. If you try to put your home in the market, you might wind up paying to repair the issues so that it satisfies the requirements of the local code.

Bigger projects that require advanced machines, a lot of time and several workers like a home addition or a kitchen remodel, usually need a general contractor’s license. Projects like these usually need several kinds of licensing and different levels of expertise. However, a qualified handyman can take care of smaller projects that do not need any license. In terms of ability, a remodeling contractor as well as a handyman possess the comparable ability but differ in the scope and size of the work they can handle. A remodeling contractor can take on larger Myrtle Beach home remodeling projects that need coordination and a lot of time to finish. However, there are companies that can take care of smaller projects and bigger jobs that require a license.

What Can Handymen Do?

In most cases, handymen charge by the hour or by the day. They may also be cheaper compared to a contractor since a lot of small projects do not need several workers, and they don’t demand extensive overhead costs. In some states, however, the amount of work that a contractor can do is limited. For instance, a handyman in California can only do as much as $500 worth of work for a certain task and this already includes the labor and materials used. Since California does not offer to license for handymen, any handyman who wants to go beyond that limit should get a state licensing for the specific work area that she or he wants to do.

A handyman, for example, who takes on a home improvement involving floor installation as well as minor plumbing work needs to hold a flooring contractor license and a plumbing contractor license so that they can charge more than the limit which is $500. According to reports, a handyman project can cost a homeowner between $75 to $5,000, and sometimes, even more, depending on the scope of the work. However, there are handyman jobs that cost only between $50 and $400. Meanwhile, a general contractor is known to be good at construction projects. Whether it is a handyman or a contractor, be sure to choose one that is bonded and insured.

Hiring Tips You Need To Know

Be sure to spend enough time to meet and get to know a few candidates before you hire a handyman or contractor for your Myrtle Beach home remodeling job. If you are looking for a handyman, you need to select one whom you feel comfortable with since you will be seeing him at your house until the job is completed.

You should also avoid handymen who visit or call your home without checking references first because it will be difficult to say if they are reputable or not. You also need to be wary of remodeling experts or handymen who require full payment upfront. Don’t forget to request a written agreement that details everything that will be done, the cost of the task, as well as the payment schedule. Everything must be in writing so you can avoid future problems.

You need to do your research well when looking for a remodeling contractor so you can make sure that you get your money’s worth. Get three bids or more. Since there are contractors who increase the cost of the materials needed for the job, you might consider calling the supplier so you’ll know the cost of the supplies. By doing so, you will know if the cost added by the contractor is reasonable. You should also pay attention to how long the contractor had to take to give you the estimate. If they took too long, then that may also mean that they may take a while to finish the job you need.

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