kitchen remodelOne of the primary reasons why you are undergoing a kitchen remodel is probably to have more storage space and a bigger pantry. But of course, a complete kitchen renovation does not come cheap. You will need to have a kitchen renovation fund to create the look that you want for your kitchen. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a complete kitchen makeover, here are some easy kitchen remodel ideas that you can consider to increase your pantry and storage space.

Affordable Kitchen Remodel Tips

  • If you store your serving ware, sheet pans, and cutting boards in one of your pantry shelves, use curtain tension rods as support dividers to organize these kitchen tools. You can now easily see which tool you need without having to pull out all of the shelf’s contents. You can also quickly put it back by sliding it through the curtain tension rods.
  • Put that space between walls and your cabinets, refrigerators or shelves to good use by using it to store a sliding storage spice rack. Create a sliding storage rack that will fit through the small spaces between your cabinets, refrigerators, shelves, and walls. You can place anything in this rack aside from your spices. You can store canned goods, bottles of dressings, and other food items. The best thing about this is that you can paint it to match the color of your cabinets, walls, refrigerator or shelf so that it will look like a part of them when hidden through the wall spaces.
  • Never waste time finding the right measuring tool! Organize them and mount them on the backs of your cabinet doors. Aside from instantly finding the right tool that you need, you won’t have to use space to store them. Plus, you can opt to mount them on paint stirrers so you don’t have to buy any additional supply or material.
  • Make more room in your walk-in pantry by replacing the cabinets with open storage shelves that you can install on one side of the pantry, from the bottom to the top. Not only did you create more storage space without having to rebuild your pantry as part of the Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel, but you also made it easier for you to find the food supply, spice or ingredient that you need.
  • Create an instant wine glass holder using T-molding. Cut it to the right size for your cabinet or shelves and screw on the ceiling of your cabinet or shelf. Make sure you measure appropriate spacing so that it will be able to hold the wine glasses upside down with security. Now, your wine glass cabinet looks more organized and classy.
  • When it comes to kitchen renovations, you do not need to spend a lot of money. What you need is a few creative ideas and the help of home renovation

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