home remodelAs baby boomers look at options and decide how they want to spend their golden years, the concept of “aging in place” has become more common. Many don’t want their loved ones to move into a nursing home and that’s why they’re considering home remodel projects instead. The majority of Americans over 65 want to remain in their homes and be independent, but also enjoy the familiarity and safety of being at home.

This is possible, but most homes require modifications to meet the needs of their aging owners. This checklist for home remodel in Myrtle Beach will help you to plan your home’s aging in place.

Home Remodel Checklist

1.Safety in the bathroom

A full bathroom on the main floor should be your top priority if you intend to live in your home. This can be costly if the entire house must be rebuilt from scratch. However, there’s an alternative bathroom remodel option to install a lift or an elevator which can be more expensive. Larger doors (minimum 32 inches) provide ample space for wheelchairs and walkers to be maneuvered. A walk-in shower with grab bars, a bench and a taller toilet nearby are additional safety features.

2. Eliminate steps and stairs

We become less agile as we age. As we age, our balance is less secure and falls can have more severe consequences. Avoid stairs. There should be no steps between rooms, and at least one covered entry with no steps. Rearrange your home so that your main living areas are accessible from the main level. Home Remodel Experts can help you build a ramp for your deck if you have one.

3. Select the right flooring

Smooth transitions between rooms and flooring are important. They reduce the risk of tripping and provide a cushioning effect in case of an accident. Hardwood and tile provide a smooth, hard surface that is suitable for walkers and wheelchairs, but they can also be very difficult to fall on.

Rugs in areas can soften the floor but could also cause tripping hazards. You should avoid carpeting that is more than 1/2-inch in height and with firm padding that is not too thick. Vinyl flooring of high quality is an excellent compromise if you prefer hardwood or tile. Vinyl flooring is softer than real hardwood or tile, but it still looks authentic.

4. Install lever-style door handles

Traditional knobbed handles can be difficult to use as muscle strength declines. This problem is easy to fix and relatively inexpensive: Replace round knobbed doorknobs with lever-style handles that open with a little downward pressure.

5. Add more light

You can add more lighting with the help of a home remodel professional. A simple trip over a cord or something on the ground can cause a serious fall. You can make your home brighter by increasing the power of the lights you have. Also, consider adding recessed lighting to rooms with only one or two light sources. To help you navigate at night, and lighten dark hallways, nightlights can be a great option.

There are certain changes that you will need to make if you want to remain in your home as you age. Home Remodel Experts has the expertise to make your home safe and comfortable for retirement.

Call Home Remodel Experts today and let our team help with your age-in-place home remodel project.

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