home remodelMost people use the words renovation and remodel synonymously. However, you should get your terminology correct when working with a remodeling contractor. While both words refer to changes made to your home or certain spaces, there are slight differences that you should know about. So how would you proceed? Would you rather do a home remodel or renovation? If you are still puzzled, read through the rest of this article to be enlightened.

Home remodel and renovation – what’s the difference?

Renovation provides a fresh look and feel without changing the intended purpose of a given area

This is where the definitions differ. A home renovation is basically making the changes you want without altering the main purpose of the given area. Take your kitchen, for instance. If you renovate your kitchen, you are simply making changes that will improve the functionality. You simply can’t turn your kitchen into a bathroom and vice versa. That’s how a home renovation differs from a home remodel Myrtle Beach, SC.

A home remodel does the same but sometimes come with certain changes

When you think of home remodeling, the changes are like mandatory than optional. Most of the time, the goal of remodeling is to replace or fix the existing design to make it more tailored for the use of the occupants. There are houses that are not designed properly or had the least planning. In such cases, the house won’t offer the kind of functionality that new owners want. Remodeling is basically like reimagining the functionality of a given area, breathing new life into it.

If you are budget-conscious you might want to renovate instead of remodel

If you are constrained by your financial capacity to fund a home remodel, you should just go for renovation. A home remodel deals with major changes to a home. Unlike remodeling, though, home renovation can be done with minimal cash involved. A splash of new paint and some minor changes could even do the trick. However, your needs might not be the same as other people. When you want changes done, be sure to plan everything out before you proceed.

Remodeling almost always require permits but not renovations

The tough part about home remodeling is that you almost always need to acquire building permits. Since you will be making major changes to your home, permits are usually required. On the other hand, a home renovation doesn’t always require the procurement of permits since not all projects involve major structural changes.

DIYers can run loose with renovations

If you like doing home projects on a weekend, then a home renovation is for you. In general, renovations are DIY-friendly. This means you can go all out with your design. Just don’t be too crazy, though.

Remodeling is the best solution to poorly designed home

There are houses that didn’t go through proper planning. Some areas of a home might not offer the kind of functionality that you want. However, you can mend all of the problems through a home remodeling project. Just be sure to hire an expert like Home Remodel Experts for the build.

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