bathroom remodelSo after a long period of deliberation, you’ve finally decided to do that bathroom remodel that’s long overdue, what do you do next? The logical thing to do would be to make a plan. The planning phase is one of the most important parts of the remodeling process aside from managing your finances, of course. There are different things that you need to take into account. Some of these factors include (but are not limited to) the following:

Tip – plan a bathroom remodel that aims to balance functionality and aesthetics

Keep things recessed – lights, soap dishes, and medicine cabinets can all be recessed flush into the wall. This basically makes more room and is a very good strategy for a bathroom with limited space. Other than that, keeping your lighting and other aspects recessed will de-clutter your bathroom making way for a simple yet functional look.

Solve ventilation problems – when you come to think of it, you don’t really spend a lot of time in the bathroom in one single use. That’s the reason why a lot of homes don’t have enough ventilation in the bathroom. However, this should be addressed in your next bathroom remodel in Myrtle Beach. Ample ventilation is still needed in the bathroom despite the low square footage.

Choose the right flooring – still using solid wood flooring for your bathroom? It’s time that you upgrade your bathroom floor into either ceramic or porcelain tile. These types of flooring materials are water and scratch resistant which makes them ideal for areas in constant exposure to moisture.

Add more lighting – whether it’s natural or artificial, additional lighting is good for your bathroom. Most bathrooms just have one, two, or three lighting fixtures at most and probably a window or two. However, when remodeling your bathroom, it’s good to get the most light you can have. Recessed lighting is also the better option as it takes up little to no space in an area where every inch matters.

Add more mirrors when possible – mirrors are not just there to give you a good look at yourself when your prepping your hair or getting a shave. Mirrors actually reflect light and add more visual appeal to the bathroom. Mirrors tend to be inexpensive and putting them in the right locations makes all the difference.

Hire a professional remodeler – not sure how to pull off your bathroom remodel? Hire a home remodel expert! One of the many mistakes that homeowners usually make is not hiring a professional. Although a lot of people want to give the bathroom remodel their own touch, it doesn’t always end up well.

Hiring a professional home remodeling company at the end of the day, your main goal is to have a better bathroom than you started with. When you hire a remodeler, you’re simply ensuring that the build goes well and everything falls perfectly into place.

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