home remodelA lot of people don’t really put so much thought into improving a rental home. However, the fact that you are only renting a home should not be a hindrance to make it comfortable to live in. there are ways to make living in a rental home more welcoming. A home remodel doesn’t necessarily apply only to a home that’s owned. It can also apply to any space rented or not. Of course, there are limitations on what you could change. There are also some things at risk when you mess up especially your security deposit.

Here are ways on how you can beautify your rented home without getting into trouble:

Always ask for permission – a rental home is not your own property. That’s why you should always ask permission from the owner about what changes you can make without losing your security deposit. Some landlords are fine with making changes to their property and some don’t. There are, however, some landlords that welcome a Myrtle Beach home remodel if you carefully explain to them what changes you plan to make. If the work you put in improves their property, they will be more than happy to let you put in the work.

Use tension rods – avoid drilling any holes on walls when hanging stuff like plants. Use tension rods as they are less invasive and can be easily removed and relocated when needed. They are also cheaper and easy to setup. Be sure that you put in enough pressure to keep everything in place.

Use washi tape – one simple method of beautifying your home without paint or other strong adhesives is through using washi tape. It’s a type of decorative tape that can be easily removed. Your imagination is the only limit.

Use removable contact paper – if one of your reasons for the home improvement project is to have everything in line with the theme you want, use removable contact paper. It’s cheap, easy, and best of all, it comes right off when you need to.

Make use of vertical space – make use of vertical storage and turn it into something that adds more real estate to your home. Adding vertical storage solutions will be quite useful for your home especially if it lacks space.

Use removable faux tiles – if there are removable paper adhesives, there are also removable faux tiles. You can decorate your kitchen or bathroom with ease using these additions. Just like the real deal, faux tiles come in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors making them suitable for your needs.

Make use of moldings – the moldings on the wall make for a very good hanging area. Use hooks and invisible string to hang pictures and other ornamental items to spruce up your home.

If you can’t decide on what to do to beautify your home, seek the help of remodeling experts. Some of these tips may not apply to everyone that’s why it is always best to seek professional advice.

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