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    Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

    Are you considering a home remodel? Maybe a new kitchen or bathroom? Or adding a bedroom or extra living space for an aging parent or those frequent visitors to the beach?

    The contractor you choose can mean the difference between having complete confidence in your contractor or losing sleep worrying about the outcome. Here are a few simple steps to take to ensure success:

    Educate Yourself

    Take the time to write down exactly what you dream the new renovation will look like when it is complete. If possible, gather photos from online or home improvement magazines of your dream addition. Gather paint, floor and woodwork samples. This will give the home remodel contractor enough information to provide an accurate quote.

    Ask for Referrals/References

    Don’t be shy about asking for references. This is a major undertaking and you don’t want to hire someone that has no experience. Make sure they provide at least 3 references.

    Prepare a list of questions to ask the references. Examples might be: Would you hire this contractor again? When something went wrong (and it usually does) how did the contractor handle the situation? Did they show up when they said they would? Were they respectful of your time and resources? These are just a few – you will want to add items that are important to you.

    Look at Credentials

    Ask the contractor to provide copies of the licenses required by the state of South Carolina and Horry County. This includes professional license and business license. As part of your research you should call the local government office and ask what is required when renovating our home. This will not only include licenses but also building permits.

    Business Experience

    Does the contractor have published information about their company?

    • An email address and phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency.
    • Carry insurance that protects them from liability. This insurance should also cover any subcontractors used by the primary contractor. Speaking of insurance, be sure and ask the subcontractor how much the renovation will add to the value of your home and be sure to pass this information on to your home insurance company.
    • How long has the company been in business? Do they have established relationships with local plumbers, electricians and other contractors in the area? Do they work as a team?

    Get it in Writing

    After you have selected a contractor, review the documents they have prepared. Are they presented in a professional manner – not just hand written on a yellow pad? Carefully review the contract. Does it provide timeline and specific costs? Make sure the following items are provided for any major renovation:

    • The total price of the project and the payment schedule
    • The specifics regarding the scope of the work
    • A site plan
    • The timing and schedule of each phase of the construction project
    • Policy for change-order (things change, make sure there is a contingency plan for those changes.)
    • What is the close-out procedure?
    • What warranties are offered?
    • Are there specific procedures for handling disputes?

    Home Remodel Experts are local contractors working together to provide you the very best experience with the renovation of your home. We are confident we can make your home remodel dreams a reality.

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