home remodelNowadays, more people are seeing the importance of going green. Energy efficiency has never been more important now that the effects of climate change can be felt on a daily basis. But how can you make your home more efficient than it already is? A home remodel is the answer! When it comes to making your home a better place, in terms of energy-efficiency, there’s no better way of achieving your goal than to do a remodeling project. There are plenty of ways you can build a green home without spending too much.

Here are ways on how you can do a green home remodel

First things first

The best way to go about a home remodel Myrtle Beach, SC project is to have a game plan. To be able to understand how much power your home is spending per month, you need to start with an energy audit. A certified assessor can perform the audit and provide you with details on your energy usage and areas you can improve on. Basically, it’s a way to understand what needs to go and the things that need to be changed.

The basic energy-efficiency upgrades

Installing solar panels

Every household uses a set amount of electricity each month. Most homes rely on the grid for electricity. However, your home could be independent of the grid if you choose to. Adding solar panels will enable you to generate electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid. This ultimately lowers the carbon footprint of your home, effectively making it a green household.

Installing tankless water heaters

If you want your home improvement project to succeed, you need to start with what you normally use. Traditional water heats use a tank to store water and heat it up for use. Although you will have a steady supply of hot water, you also spend a lot of money on fuel or electricity. In most cases, you don’t really need a huge capacity. That’s where tankless water heaters come in.

Buying Energy Star-certified products

An Energy Star rating basically helps consumers get a grasp of what appliance are energy-efficient. In fact, most appliances nowadays come with Energy Star-certification. It’s a matter of identifying the numbers. Basically, the bigger the number, the more energy-efficient the product is.

Sealing and insulation

One way of making your home a green household is to make sure that it is free of any drafts and has adequate insulation. Heating and cooling systems work best when paired with proper insulation.

Smart thermostat

HVAC systems rely on thermostats for temperature control. Switching from an old thermostat to a new, smart model will increase energy savings.

Window upgrades

Upgrading to double or triple-pane windows will provide a lot of energy savings which will lower your energy bill. Of course, you will need to consider the upfront cost of window upgrades.

LED lighting

Over the years, LED has become ubiquitous. Not only are they fancy but LED lights are super-efficient. When compared to the regular incandescent bulb, LEDs are more than 10 times more efficient.

When it comes to home improvement projects, you also need to rely on a contractor. Although possible, doing everything on your own can be taxing and complicated for the most part. Hiring a professional like Home Remodel Experts will save you time, money, and give your results faster.

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