Bathroom Remodel Myrtle Beach SCThere are several reasons why homeowners plan a bathroom remodel. It could be to increase the value of their home. It could also be to improve their bathroom’s functionality, safety, and efficiency. Or it can be as simple as giving your home a new look.

Whatever your reason may be, remodeling a bathroom is a huge venture to take on as homeowners. It is something that can cause you to spend a lot of money if you are not careful in planning and carrying out your plan. But, it can also be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you are doing it with the family.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, here are 9 tricks from the experts that can help guarantee a fun and exciting bathroom remodeling experience for you.

Bathroom Remodel Hacks

  1. Plan your time frame

Before doing anything or buying anything, bathroom remodel experts highly recommend creating a solid plan. And an important part of that plan is your time frame. You need to set a specific timeframe for your renovation project to keep you focused all throughout the project. This will also prevent you from straying away from your project goals and spending more time than necessary to a certain part of your bathroom.

Creating a time frame at the beginning of your planning also helps you stay more focused and objective when selecting areas of your bathroom that need to be repaired, replaced or renovated; thus, preventing you from doing unnecessary remodeling and spending on unnecessary renovations.

  1. List what needs to be done

Stand inside your bathroom and look around. List the things that need repairs and/or replacement. Next, create a list of the things you want to change. Look at the flooring and find out whether you need new flooring because your current one is already worn out. You may also want to check your bathroom fixtures to determine if they are still efficient and functional. Also consider if you need to install additional sinks, showers or toilets, especially if you having additional members in your household. Be sure to include every corner and space in your bathroom.

Do not think about costs yet when making your list. What is important is you include in the list everything that needs to be done and everything that you want to do with your bathroom renovation.

  1. Create an inspiration board

Myrtle Beach bathroom remodel experts suggest creating an inspiration board to make it easier for you to plan your renovation. You can go to home improvement stores and take pictures of the fixtures that you want. You can search online. You can also check lifestyle magazines and get inspiration from there. Once you’ve collected several pictures, put them together and finalize your inspiration board.

The great thing about creating an inspiration board is it will help keep you getting distracted by other designs and ideas that you might see when shopping for supplies, materials, and fixtures. Plus, it will help you save money and effort from buying and installing mismatched fixtures and other bathroom necessities. Spend time playing around with your inspiration board until you get what you are looking for your bathroom.

  1. Calculate the costs and set a budget limit

Find out how much you will need for your bathroom renovation by checking out the price range of the pieces that you will need to buy. Also, include the costs for tools and supplies that you will have to purchase. Note, to save money, you can always consider renting tools instead of buying them.

When setting a budget, always include a couple hundred dollars more to the final amount of all your expenses. Keep in mind that there might be things that will come up as you are going through the renovation. It helps if you have a few extra dollars to cover for those unexpected and forgotten costs.

  1. Work with professional bathroom remodel in MyrtleBeach

There are some aspects of your bathroom that should be left to the professionals. If you need to move plumbing, add lighting or demolish or build a wall, consider hiring renovation professionals like Home Remodel Experts. This is especially true if you have no prior experience with the task that needs to be done. You will save more by paying for professional assistance as opposed to doing the work all by yourself and repeating several times because you cannot get it perfectly done.

  1. If you need to special order anything, do it earlier

Ordering something earlier and having it delivered to your home will help you keep up with your time frame. Otherwise, some aspects of your bathroom renovation will be delayed. And if you are working with a contractor, you might have to pay more for the time that you kept them waiting. It is best to always think ahead when it comes to making your purchases.

  1. Spend time on the little things

These little things include outlets, lighting fixtures, switches, mirrors, towel bars, cabinets and others. Include them as you create your plan and time frame so you will not have to cram and randomly choose supplies as you go through your bathroom renovation.

Also, some of these little things, such as the lighting fixtures and switches, need professional installation. Thus, you will need to find an electrician earlier and book an appointment. Doing these earlier will help you have a smooth bathroom renovation.

  1. Choosing tiles 

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when choosing tiles. For less slippery floors, choose small tiles. However, this will require you to use more grout. And if you do not have prior experience in grouting, you may need to hire a professional. Plus, you also have to note that dirt and grime stuck to grout are a little difficult to remove.

If you use larger tiles, it means less grout and less effort in cleaning. But you will have slicker floors, which is not advisable if you live with elderly adults or small children. Whatever you choose, consider the members of the household and their safety as well as the efficiency of the bathroom.

  1. Relax and enjoy the experience

As long as you plan ahead and follow through with your plans and goals, everything will be fine. Do not stress too much about the renovation. Enjoy the experience and look forward to a great and amazing result.

If you are still worried and having second thoughts, consult with a professional. Home Remodel Experts will help you plan and complete your bathroom renovation.

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