Bathroom Remodel Myrtle BeachIt is not surprising that a bathroom remodel is the most preferred home remodel projects for most American homeowners. This is because even a small bathroom renovation provides a huge effect except, maybe a high cost to match.

Have recently undergone a bathroom remodeling project? Then you would know how the cost can go from just right to over your budget. Some people might ask what comes with such a high price and obviously, it is an excessively glamorous shower room or a hand-carved vanity. But what other homeowners do not know is that even plumbing pipes and the toilet can also significantly influence the price of your bathroom restoration, among other things.

The Truth Behind Bathroom Remodel Costs

  1. Your choice of one-piece, two-piece or wall-mounted design. You may be stuck with three options when it comes to choosing your toilet. The first choice may be a conventional two-piece toilet which includes a tank and bowl latched together; this may cost less than a structured one-piece design (second option), where the tank and also bowl are formed as a solitary system. The third choice is a wall-mounted toilet which also comes in two pieces but with the tank hidden inside the wall surface. This type of toilet looks smooth space-saving but it is fairly costly, specifically when mounted as a retrofit. Additionally, choosing the third option needs to be set up by a professional plumber.
  1. Toilet seat material. A new toilet generally consists of just the tank and bowl, while the seat is just an add-on. The cost of such will greatly depend on the material from which the product is made from- thermoplastic, medium-density fiberboard and thermoset. Thermoplastic is normally the least expensive, then thermoset follows. The medium-density fiberboard, on the other hand, is one of the most long-lasting and finest choices among the three.
  1. Shade option. A simple white bathroom will certainly be less complicated on your budget compared to a more vibrant shade. Furthermore, there is a particular charm in buying a toilet with a name like Royal Blue, Deep Black, or Jamaican off-white.In short, classic elegant colors will likely stand the design trend compared to substantially colored bathrooms.
  1. Shape choice. A round-bowl toilet will certainly be cheaper compared to a lengthened design. At a conventional dimension of 16.5 inches as compared to 18.5 inches, it will also occupy a rather smaller part of your restricted floor space, making it the better selection for a little bathroom remodel. Nevertheless, many grownups find the round form to be less comfortable.

The cost of setting up a toilet is around $150 for labor prices alone and could increase to as high as $800 if the process needs to transport materials up or down the stairs and also formerly obscure pipe leakages– that will certainly make the job extra difficult.

When it comes to toilet setup and other home remodel projects, you can always rely on Home Remodel Experts to do a professional job.


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